Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We found out yesterday that we're expecting!  Stay tuned for many baby knitting projects!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Knitting 2009

I need to start preparing for Christmas earlier next year. 

Way earlier.

I knitted a hat and a scarf for some of the people on my Christmas list.  Well, some people got sets and some people got either a hat or a scarf.  (Each project was in some way adapted from The Knit Girls Guide to Simple Knits.)  I just barely finished the night before Christmas Eve.  Lesson learned.....

The picture above is of my Dad.  He received a scarf with in a dark blue and light blue veregated pattern, with a matching hat.  His scarf was knitted on size 9 needles and his hat was knit in the round on size 11 needles.

Here's my brother!  I knitted his scarf with the biggest needles I've used to date:  size 17's.  If you've never knitted with big needles before, I suggest that you try it.  It's really very fun!

Here's my lovely sister-in-law.  She's wearing the coolest scarf that I've made to date:  knit on large connected knitting needles, it is super long, and each row is a different kind of yarn.  Her hat matches.

Bottom line:  knitting for gifts is great fun, but you've got to over-estimate the amount of time that you'll need for each project.  By starting early, you won't feel stressed if you make a mistake....or ten. 

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

First Post!

Hooray!  You showed up to read my blog!

My hope and intention for this blog is to have a venue in which I can shamelessly brag about the silly things I've made with various pointy sticks and twisted thread.  I'm still pretty new to the whole knitting thing, but I've crocheted off and on since I was a little girl, so I seem to have gotten the basics down pretty well. 

I will also be posting my patterns when I can (I'm not going to get sued for it, though).  If I can't post the pattern, I'll let you know where I found it. 

I'll have an honest-to-god post up soon--complete with pictures and some actual knitting stuff--I promise.